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What is the Bethlehem Democratic Committee?

The Committee comprises 62 elected members who serve on the Albany County Democratic Committee representing the Town of Bethlehem. There are two representatives from each of the Town’s 31 election districts. Members are registered Democrats elected by their constituents every two years. The BDC finds and endorses well-qualified candidates for local public offices. We also provide support for endorsed candidates at the local level, including county, state and national elections. The committee informs the community about public issues and promotes political fund-raising and social activities for the Bethlehem Democratic Party. The Bethlehem Democratic Committee By-Laws.are available for review.

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What are the responsibilities of a Democratic Committee Person?

Committee Persons serve as representatives of the Democratic Party within their election districts and also relay the concerns of their neighbors to the Democratic Party. In this capacity, Committee Persons are expected to:

  • Stay in touch with their constituents, listen to their concerns, and bring them to the Town/County Committees;
  • Participate in meetings of the Bethlehem Democratic Committee (2-3 a year), as well as some County Democratic Committee meetings;
  • Assist in gathering voter signatures on nominating petitions;
  • Assist in Get Out the Vote and campaign efforts for Democratic candidates (phone-banking, helping with lawn signs, etc.);
  • Attend and promote Party fundraisers (usually 2-3 a year);
  • May arrange for “house” parties or other events for voters to meet Democratic candidates.

How does someone become a Bethlehem Democratic Committee Person?

  • Gather signatures of registered Democrats in your Election District.  The number of required signatures varies based on the number of Democrats in your district.
  • If no one gathers petitions in a particular district the Committee leaders appoint Committee members. If only one or two people submit valid petitions in an election district, they automatically become Committee persons.
  • If more than two people qualify in a single election district, their names are placed on the September Democratic Primary ballot.  The two candidates who receive the most votes will become Committee persons and serve a two-year term.

Interested in joining the Committee?  Please contact us at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Feeling motivated to participate more in our community?

The BDC will be launching a new effort aimed at connecting the citizens of Bethlehem to events, activities, and organizations that inspire you. Stay informed by visiting our GET INVOLVED and EVENTS sections!