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Executive Committee / Officers

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers and District Leaders.


  • Chair: Jeff Kuhn
  • 1st Vice Chair: Joanne Cunningham
  • 2nd Vice Chair: Pam Skripak
  • Secretary: Rose Ann Garry
  • Treasurer: Bruce Bushart

District Leaders (Election Districts in parentheses):

  • Pam Robbins (1,2,3,4 8)
  • Mark Becker (5,6,7,16,17)
  • Maureen Cunningham (9,10,12,26,27)
  • Tim Beebe (11,13,14,15,25)
  • Gina Cocchiara (18,21,28,29,30)
  • Jan Messina (19,20,22,23,24)
  • Representatives to the ACDC Exec Committee: Tom Coffey, Pam Robbins, Dan Coffey and Jeff Kuhn

Recent News

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