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Voting Information

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Find Your Election District

To find your election district and where you vote, visit the Albany County Board of Elections website.

You can also view the Bethlehem Election District Map for an overview of the 31 election districts in the Town of Bethlehem.  May 2015 note:  In the County Legislature redistricting the Town of Bethlehem has been reconfigured (new map not available yet) and reduced to 30 election districts.

Find Your Polling Place

WHERE DO I VOTE?  Yellow postcards were mailed out from the Board of Elections identifying your polling place.  Note that polling places may have changed due to the recent redistricting.

Follow the link to the Albany County Board of Elections and enter your street address to confirm your polling place.

Feeling motivated to participate more in our community?

The BDC will be launching a new effort aimed at connecting the citizens of Bethlehem to events, activities, and organizations that inspire you. Stay informed by visiting our GET INVOLVED and EVENTS sections!